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Alison Lusk
Forgotten pattern on LG X power without losing data
Comment from : Alison Lusk

Lordbhong Maunda
My vevo v15pro i forgot my pasword,what can i do plss...help me gys thnk u
Comment from : Lordbhong Maunda

jhay Lacasa
thank so much for ur tutorial sir iam from philipine god bls
Comment from : jhay Lacasa

Nader Sophoclis
Hi, I can get to the reset option, but when i press wip reset , I don't get the option YES or NO, is there a different way of delete everything in Samsung J3 pls.
Comment from : Nader Sophoclis

saleha Salleh
Does sony work?
Comment from : saleha Salleh

Melissa Su-Ann Dick
it wont let
Comment from : Melissa Su-Ann Dick

Melissa Su-Ann Dick
already did factory
Comment from : Melissa Su-Ann Dick

Jocelyn A. Managing
Thanks a lot.
Comment from : Jocelyn A. Managing

Chen Ngoho
How to remove the vivo y91 pin password?
Comment from : Chen Ngoho

nenita cruz
Thank you so much.......now my fone I can use it again......
Comment from : nenita cruz

Cruiz Martinez
Forgot my password for corrlinks how can I get help on finding out my old password
Comment from : Cruiz Martinez

Gangula Suman
it coming in another language like nepali china japan
Comment from : Gangula Suman

Raphaël Manasur
This is good
Comment from : Raphaël Manasur

Christian Paragas
Comment from : Christian Paragas

Fone Zombie
My brother was murdered jan 24th, pigs say suicide, I say Bullshit, brother was a God fearing man who always stated suicide was a pussy way out,and he was never going out by his own hands.
. Long story short, I need to get into his 2 phones because me and sis smell something rotten about the whole thing,, We believe there are fone numbers, pics, and other things that may help our family on this case, fuckin pigs aren't doing a damn thing, they're happy w/ the "Suicide" solution. We have a couple of suspected shady characters already, with one of them already admitting he was with timmy the day before he allegedly shot himself. We want to see things like who called last, who he called last...and when. Theres a couple hundred photos, a huge contact list and records of what transpired on that day ...or before, We think he had been dead for a couple days from the looks of him & the crime scene. So is it possible to try and get passed the lock screens, yet, with no debugging turned on in Dev-ops (I doubt dev-ops are even turned on)..... the 1 has a pattern lock, and the other has a password lock
one with password is a samsung galaxy j3 luna (SM-327VL), the other with the pattern lock is an LG Premier Pro LTE (LML413DL)...both still have the sim cards. I desperatly need to try and preserve any data/evidence in these devices,...at least get it all out of the phones anyways...We believe there may be evidence or clues to help us with some actual justice...thanks in advance for any help,suggestions or tools from anyone

Comment from : Fone Zombie

Will this wipe off my data?
Comment from : Justmichaelselorm

Hector Perez
What do those other buttons do?
Comment from : Hector Perez

subaidah saleh
will app inside also missing??? if wipe data
Comment from : subaidah saleh

Anita Moore
Thank you for making this so simple 😊
Comment from : Anita Moore

bay bay
i tried this and the little android symbol showed up but he was laying down with a caution symbol on his belly and the screen said, no command
Comment from : bay bay

Gerald Chiocha
Thanks. It helped.
Comment from : Gerald Chiocha

Umakant Yadav
That option is not coming
Comment from : Umakant Yadav

Keith Saldivar
have vortex beat 8. obama phone. need to get past privacy lock screen. ???
Comment from : Keith Saldivar

sarno tec
worked like a charm.....
Comment from : sarno tec

Tsehay Tekla
Comment from : Tsehay Tekla

Value Of Time
Thank q sir
Mobile LYF -wind

Thank q for this videos

Comment from : Value Of Time

Neil Sanchez
thanks man, I really appreciated about your tutorial.
I hope that many of the CP users will learn about your tutorial.

Thank you so much man ,

Comment from : Neil Sanchez

Book of shadows contributor Brian
What about s3 tablet need help
Comment from : Book of shadows contributor Brian

liljayjay juarez
My shit even go to that fucking stuip screen
Comment from : liljayjay juarez

Daahir Abdi
Comment from : Daahir Abdi

Hannan Mizi
are you mad?if your mobile is lock by password hiw you power off by power botton?
Comment from : Hannan Mizi

Doris B
How to take welcome of Alcatel fear 4
Comment from : Doris B

Beverly Wessinger
What if the tablet want power off without the pattern code .
Comment from : Beverly Wessinger

Lian LB_Esther
Thanks for your help.
Comment from : Lian LB_Esther

grace ferrer
its bye bye from meh apps :( atleast i opened my tab anyways i lost my lucky patcher hack
Comment from : grace ferrer

grace ferrer
this is my moms phone cause im borrowing it i just forgot my password tho thx
Comment from : grace ferrer

Ezra Johannes
Comment from : Ezra Johannes

caspian kanai
This is a factory reset guys
Comment from : caspian kanai

NiceFriendly Guest
Before you wipe data to unluck your phone your last passcode patteron or other you need to make sure you backed up your data after wipe data always use back up plan why you have to do this? A: beacuase your very important data will be erased and will be gone forever you wipe data or restore them you need to do is back up and restore apps
Comment from : NiceFriendly Guest

சமிர் சமீர் அலி
how to remove without losing data pls help me
Comment from : சமிர் சமீர் அலி

Yvonne Couture
I help the homeless when phones are donated and they need to reset them, this worked so great. Thank you!
Comment from : Yvonne Couture

Girvinthat great. ok Drakes
I do not really care now my phone works I could take it were it came from
Comment from : Girvinthat great. ok Drakes

Illuminati the savage Hell demon./Satan/demon
This work for galaxy S6?
Comment from : Illuminati the savage Hell demon./Satan/demon

Kadiatu Sesay
It wont work for me
Comment from : Kadiatu Sesay

Mike Templora
how i can reformat my cp in cloudfine i forgot my pin this is cloudfone
Comment from : Mike Templora

Teresa M
If I remove the sim card will still erase the pictures.?
Comment from : Teresa M

Stella Vlogs
I don't know why but it toke me back to the beginning were it's the password again :(
Comment from : Stella Vlogs

Thank you alot now my phone works again
Comment from : ItsDanny

Arnez Jones
Thanks that was very help full I loved it I had to wash it a lot of times but thanks a lot 😎
Comment from : Arnez Jones

johann rüstmann
Hello friend, Must I have a SIM chip in the phone
Comment from : johann rüstmann

Alias hassan
my apps will delete right?and ihave to install it back right?
Comment from : Alias hassan

nilda Martinez
Thank you very much.
Comment from : nilda Martinez

Is this work for android version 7.0
Comment from : Vayme

Mohammad MADID
Did you like it so like it
Comment from : Mohammad MADID

Mohammad MADID
Guys did it delete your apps
Comment from : Mohammad MADID

jean chekanao
thanks bro
Comment from : jean chekanao

Ali Darwich
Comment from : Ali Darwich

Devin Hill
Do delete texts
Comment from : Devin Hill

Kevin Casey
dude I did that but I don't remember my email and I'm locked out what should I do who should I call?
Comment from : Kevin Casey

Kayleigh Fonseca
Name of music??
Comment from : Kayleigh Fonseca

just edzel_22
No idont need reset my phone pic and videos erase
Comment from : just edzel_22

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